Martha Brae River rafting still a wonderful experience

Photo: YouTube – MM on Tour

While Trelawny has undergone an improvement in its tour offerings, the old faithful river rafting tour still continues to hold significance as the parish grows its tourism product.

In recent times, the parish has been providing visitors with a slew of options such as the Country Bumpkin experience and Chukka Cove Adventures, but it seems that the forty-plus-year-old attraction continues to hold its own, even with all these new, exciting additions.

Both locals and tourists have continued to frequent the attraction, which is described as Jamaica’s number one raft adventure, and which provides patrons with a serene and tranquil ride down the corridors of river that showcases what calm really is. 

The bamboo rafts are expertly guided downriver by their drivers and keep patrons so close to the water, it’s almost like they are sitting in it.

Patrons are usually in awe when they finish the three-mile-long tour which lasts a little over an hour. 

Of note, the attraction has played host to a number of celebrities including Queen Elizabeth II, heavyweight boxer Lennox Lewis, Chuck Norris, Dionne Warwick, Kenny Rodgers and Trelawny’s own legend Usain Bolt.