MC Nuffy gets married

Popular entertainer Andre ‘MC Nuffy’ Nelson got married on Saturday and the reception was nothing short of the antics and entertainment he’s known for. 

The red, white and gold themed occasion was caught on Instagram thanks to deejay Macka Diamond who went Live when it was time for the garter toss. 

The wedding garter is a piece of bridal lingerie that is worn under the wedding dress. The groom removes the garter with his hands or teeth during the reception, and subsequently does a toss similar to the tossing of the bouquet. 

This is all cute until you consider the “nuh bow” culture in Jamaica. The notion of a Jamaican man (entertainer at that) “going under” is usually met with backlash in public, so the pressure was on to see if Nuffy would partake in the tradition for his stunning bride. 

“Nuffy, any way you want to do it, it’s your business,” the wedding emcee said. “You a your own big man.”

His wife was seated in the centre of the room as female and male guests debated on whether Nuffy should use his teeth or not. 

Macka was team teeth and told Nuffy he’d go viral if he did it. 

At the drop of Shania Twain’s From This Moment On, Nuffy started to physically gear up for the task. From doing jumping jacks to running on the spot, it was no surprise that he started to sweat.

He sat to cool down for a bit as women

fanned him, and later came to Macka saying, “Him a tell mi fi go dung.”

As a showman, he invited the crowd to cheer him on as he made his umpteenth attempt.

He assumed the position of a track star at the starting block, even doing Usain Bolt’s “to the world” signature.

He started crawling to his wife’s dress before stopping again to pat down his sweat. After much stalling, he finally found his way under the dress and got to work. His wife laughed as he maneuvered the garter with his teeth, and later emerged victorious to the hi-five of a friend.

“Mrs Nelson, how did that feel?” The emcee asked.

“It felt great,” she let out. 

Two hours earlier, Nuffy had posted a video from the venue with his bride. 

“My wedding Day jus get started,” he captioned. 

In a previous post, he buzzed with butterflies about his big day and bride-to-be. 

“The ring so expensive a man got to do what he ofto thanks to all the people who buy them ticket to see me get married really appreciate it.”