Measuring your life by those Instagram posts

Hairstylist and social media personality Traci Stewart

With everything so in your face these days and everyone flaunting their good times and successes on their social media pages, it’s hard not to compare yourself to others and their wonderful Instagram lives.

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Honestly speaking, I almost never compare myself to others and I am usually happy for everyone’s successes… that was until last week.

As I was scrolling through my Instagram, it was a certain social media personality’s birthday. She and her friends celebrated beachside with matching swimsuits and lots of champagne.

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Fabulosity at its best! I began enjoying her posts, scrolling through pics of her and the family celebrating her 35th birthday, everyone so loving and happy. And then it struck me! She was turning 35…Her business is so successful, she’s driving a nice fancy car, she lives in a gorgeous house from what I can see on Instagram, and she’s so confident and always inspiring others.

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I immediately felt myself getting upset. I’m 35 this year too and what do I have? I spiralled into this depressing self-loathing talk about how little I have achieved and how worthless I am.

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“I don’t even have a nice red lipstick!” I screamed, my tantrum getting more intense by the minute. 

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I threw my phone down, retired to my bed feeling all depressed and sorry for myself.

Coming to my senses, I crawled out of bed to go get some chocolate from the fridge. With my aimless and worthless life, why not just turn into a fat tub of lard as well? As I unwrapped the family-sized Cadbury fruit and nut bar, I thought,  “this can’t be the right thing.”

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I decided to count my blessings….My job which I love and engaged in for over a decade, my boss who is so inspiring and fair, my co-workers who I love so much, my family, my super sweet boyfriend, my health…. and then I realised…. my life is never going to look like anyone else’s, my victories won’t be the same as anyone else’s and I have to be the one to always celebrate my successes no matter how small they are.

Acknowledge my blessings and give no time to depressing thoughts and allow them to weigh me down

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Even if it is just eating one square of chocolate instead of the entire bar. Sharing my victories and milestones and allowing others to celebrate with me, like what my Instagram friend does, always leads to a feel-good moment.

That’s what I need to start doing, celebrating victories big or small. Acknowledge my blessings and give no time to depressing thoughts and allow them to weigh me down.

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I decided to go back and look at my Instagram friend’s page and make sure that I had liked all her pictures because I am grateful for the lesson she has unknowingly taught me.

Celebrate the smallest victories and keep comparison solely for Amazon shopping. 

— Written by Traci Stewart