Meet Laura Jasorka, a naked rock climber

Laura Jasorka (Photo: The Sun)

Laura Jasorka climbs rocks naked. She describes it as ‘freeing’ and insists that it is not porn, rather it is art.

The 37-year-old rock climber told The Sun  that she started posing for the au naturel climbs last year, And after receiving so many positive comments whenever she shares photos online, she feels empowered.

“My friends and family admire my photos as they think it is beautiful to see me at one with nature,” she told the outlet.

“I’d hate for others to look at the photos in any other sort of way because it’s not porn, it’s art.”

The images she posts often show Jasorka, who is a casino worker, wearing nothing but climbing shoes as she scales cliff faces and boulders.

She hopes to inspire other women to appreciate thier bodies.

“I mainly go with guy friends at the moment as I find women feel awkward in those types of situations,” she said.

“Women tend to have negative feelings towards their body, but I urge them to get over their fears and take their clothes off.”