Meet Nicholas Chin Loy from the Dr Birdz

 Nicholas Chin Loy
Dr Birdz
Nicholas Chin Loy (Photo: Contributed)

As Jamaica’s eSport future moves forward in the hands of the Jamaica eSports Initiative, let us introduce you to Nicholas Chin Loy, a member of Dr Birdz.

Name: Nicholas Chin Loy

Gamer tag: Wardestroyer

Age: 34

Location: Kingston

Favourite game: Street Fighter V

Genre specialisation: Fighting games

How long have you been playing video games?: As long as I can remember, 14 years now, competitively. 

How did you into gaming?: My brother and his friends. They were into games. I used to hang around and game with them.

Console or PC: Console, the PS4 of course.

How did you end up on the team?: I entered the JEI team finals. 

What was it like playing at Evolution Championship Series?: It was a dream come true to go to Evo 2019.

Written by Nichola Beckford