Meet Street and The Market — Festive family event on the waterfront

Hordes of foodies convened on the downtown Kingston waterfront yet again to ‘meet-up and eat up’ for the ultimate street food experience.

This year’s Meet Street & the Market event, as usual, had an expansive selection of vendors, restaurants, food artisans and food trucks.

There was also pulsating music, domino playing and kid-friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy.

With an almost maddening amount of dishes to sample, patrons wasted no time diving in.

Of course, there were the faves we know and love — jelly wata, pan chicken and ice cream to name a few, but also a number of exciting and different flavour fusions that certainly didn’t disappoint.

Here’s what stood out, based on crowd response and sheer ingenuity.

Everything Pink Apron, Simo’s [Bread & Catering] x Copperwood Pork! 

The waterfront was abuzz with praise for this collaboration all evening with everything on their menu being dubbed the best – even the salt!

  •  Everything Chilitos’ We hope the Meet Street fare will be added to their regular menu. 
  • Tastes of the World is a new food truck on the scene and they’re already a go-to and fave for many.
  • Sheriff’s Gourmet BBQ is known for their excellent grilled meats, so it’s no surprise they made the cut.
  • 5 Spiced’s unique Glazed Donut Panini definitely piqued interests all around. Their dessert option was ALL about the sweetness… and well worth the calories.
  • House of Loaves and Street Food Saturdays’ food trucks and Taco Don’s offerings were also recommended often.
  • Rummy Rum Cake & Bumbo Banana Bread were delicious and rummy as their names suggested.
  • Deaf Can Coffee was, as always, armed with delightful beverages for many to enjoy.
  • And who doesn’t love juicy Bad Dawg Sausages?

The week-long festival wrapped up with Brunch in the Hills, complete with live jazz and champagne mimosas for another successful year of indigenous culinary excellence. Well done to the Jamaica Food & Drink Festival team!

Check out our gallery below for more highlights from Meet Street & The Market.

— Written by Tami Tsansai