Mel B is ‘too shy’ to have one-night stand

Mel B

The Spice Girls singer has admitted she’s a very “free” and “sexual” person but she could never bring herself to get frisky beneath the sheets with someone she’s just met because she has to “trust” them before she allows them to get intimate.

Speaking on her new brutally honest podcast ‘The Truth Flirts’ with dating app, Badoo, she said: “I would be too shy [to have a one-night stand]! I would feel like I still don’t know that person enough for them to actually see my like that.

“I want to feel like I’m so comfortable.

“I’m a very sexual and a very free person but for somebody to see that within me, they have to earn my trust first and I have to feel super safe.”

— Mel B

The 44-year-old star – who has three daughters; Phoenix, 20, Angel, 12, and Madison, eight, from three previous relationships – split from her husband Stephen Belafonte in 2017 and has found the dating scene harder now she’s in her 40s.

She explained: “I’ve experienced so much with both men and women. I’ve always been very honest, very open and very direct, but I think dating in your 40s is very different because there is a lot of stigma attached to it.

“I have got three kids by three different men. I said to my 20-year-old, I like the fact that I have never given up on love and have tried it again and again.”

And Mel – who has dated a woman for five years in the past – wouldn’t rule out striking up a relationship with a lady in the future as she believes love is simple.

She said: “I was with a woman for five years – my 20-year-old asked me how I could flip from this to that, I said I’ve fallen in love with whoever I’ve fallen in love with, and it’s all about the person.”

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