Men are less likely to wear face masks, study finds

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It appears that there are some men who would rather risk their health than risk looking ‘uncool’. A study conducted by the Middlesex University in London found that men are less likely to wear face masks than women because they are seen as ‘a sign of weakness’.

The researchers surveyed nearly 2,500 US adults. They found that men were more likely to see face masks as being ‘shameful’ and be put off by the perceived stigma. 

Respondents were asked to rate on a scale of zero to ten how likely they were to wear a face masks when outside of the home, engaging in social activities and interacting with people from other households.

Participants were also asked how they felt about wearing a mask — and whether they found it cool, not cool, shameful or a sign of weakness.

The researchers found that more men than women (187 compared to 136) said that they were unlikely to wear face masks when outside of the home. Ninety-nine men and only 58 women said that they would definitely not wear a mask. 

Side view of man wearing medical mask in the city | Free Photo
Some men think it’s ‘uncool’ to wear masks

Furthermore, 87 men strongly disagreed with the suggestion that they would ‘wear a mask during essential activities’, compared to only 54 of the women. 

Men were also more likely on average to to disagree with the statement ‘wearing a face covering is cool’ and agree with the statements: ‘wearing a face covering is shameful’ and ‘wearing a face covering is sign of weakness’.

This is alarmingly as statistics from different countries show that more men are infected with the coronavirus than women.

And in addition, eight per cent of men and five per cent of women said that they would definitely not be wearing a face mask when outside of their homes.