Men think about these ALL the time!

If he’s asleep, he’s probably dreaming about them also.

Sometimes it seems men are hardwired to do and say certain things. Though there are exceptions to every rule, most of them seem to think about the same things as well. 

As long as it does not have much to do with feelings and getting in touch with their deeper, softer side, men will let you know exactly what they want and how they want it. They will communicate their need for more ‘whoopie’, a bigger flat screen television and more meat on their plate to balance out the serving of vegetables you’re feeding them. While the female brain is said to be a deep, cavernous abyss full of wonders and mystery, when it comes to the male cranium, it is a pretty simple and straightforward dome.

 If you’ve ever wondered what your man is thinking about, it’s likely in the list below:

1. Sports

2. Liquor

3. Car/truck

4. Sex

5. Porn

6. Money

7. Food

8. ‘Staying ability’ (sexual prowess)

9. Themselves 

10. Video games