Men, we need to be more hygienic

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If no one is going to say it, then I will, dammit!

As men, some of us refuse to take personal hygiene seriously. Mek it happen, genna. It nuh look an’ it definitely nuh smell good.

Enough! It HAS to be said…

How many of us can honestly say that you shower every single day, regardless of mood or sleep cycle?

Showering everyday shouldn’t only be left for women, your junk gets musty too, my brothers. The same goes for your balls. They carry your offspring, afford them some respect!

Changing into clean clothes and splashing on cologne isn’t the same as washing off days’ worth of dirt, sweat and grime from your skin.

Yes, life is demanding, but how do you leave your home – knowing that you are going to interact with other people – subjecting the outside world to your lazy, nasty ways?

Soap and water back gun offa yuh?!

That goes for brushing your teeth, staying groomed (whatever the style or texture of your beard and hair), clean and neat nails, and dressing with tact, REGULARLY.

No, it’s not ‘unmanly’ to take care of yourself…on the contrary, women find you much sexier.

I’m not asking you to make a complete 180 overnight but make a determined effort to appreciate your personal health.

All that ego and you smell like a half-dead mongoose? Fix tings, mi g.

If you have a thing against pedicures, then please, for the love of common sense wash your feet. No, letting the soap foam run down your legs doesn’t count.

Fellas, we have to do better. *sighs*

You can’t compromise on personal hygiene AND have the gall to want to live in somebody’s daughter’s house!

Actually, yes, I am. I’m demanding a change, a conscious revolution, if you will.

Invest in more soaps, oils and lotions. Change your toothbrushes. Buy more floss. Throw out that musty washcloth from eight months ago. And please, moisturise!

Your mother, sister, cousin, girlfriend or wife is not your maid. Clean your damn room! Air out your shoes, treat your sweaty clothes, yuh nuh shame?

Throw those loose papers, cigarette butts and spliff tails away, were you raised in a barn? Wear your broughtupsy with pride, man!

Now breathe in that clean air. Doesn’t that feel better?

Until the next topic, here’s to hygiene!