Men who eat a lot of nuts have a higher sperm count, study finds

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Dear men, do you want to increase your sperm count? Eat more nuts.

Yes, that’s the instruction coming out of a study in Spain. Eat more nuts; whether they be almonds, walnuts, peanuts, or whatever nuts you can find. Just add a handful to your diet can improve your sperm quality and fertility.

So here’s what the researchers did at the Human Nutrition Unit of the Universitat Rovira I Virgili in Tarragona, Spain did. Over a two-week period, they compared men who were fed a mixture of tree nuts as a supplement to their standard Western diet, to those who weren’t.

The study was conducted on 72 healthy young male participants, all of whom were non-smokers (because smoking reduces sperm count).

Forty-eight of the participants were assigned to the ‘nut’ group, while the remaining 24 participants were assigned to the control group and didn’t get a nut supplement. 

The 48 men in the nut group consumed 60 grammes per day of mixed nuts without making any other changes to their diets. 

The researchers observed that after the 14 weeks, the methylation of 36 genomic regions was significantly different only in the group that consumed nuts. 

In all, 97.2 per cent of these regions, or 35 out of 36, displayed an increase of methylation. 

“This work demonstrates that there are some sensitive regions of the sperm epigenome that respond to diet, and which can result in changes in sperm and in its ability to fertilise,” Albert Salas-Huetos lead author the study said.