Micheal ‘Tariq’ Rainey wants to be an inspiration to Jamaican youth

Actor Micheal Rainey (left) Minister of Tourism (centre) Rainey’s mother, Shauna Small (right)

So BUZZ Fam, in case you’ve been under a rock these past few days and didn’t know, allow us to inform you-actor, Micheal Rainey who stars as Tariq in the hit drama series, Power is in Jamaica.

The 20-year-old actor, and his Jamaican mom, Shauna Small spent the holidays here, and Rainey has been making his rounds.

He attended a treat held by dancehall artiste Mr. Lexx where he assisted in donating tablets to kids and visited the Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett.

During his visit to the Ministry of Tourism, Rainey shared that he felt honoured to be an inspiration to Jamaican youth.

“I just wanna keep inspiring the youth of Jamaica. To make all the youth know that anything is possible no matter what you wanna do, you can do it. Just stay motivated and stay positive, and just live your dream,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bartlett encouraged the 20-year-old to make Jamaica his home.

“We’re excited to participate in his dream, and Jamaica is very honoured to have a son like Micheal, and we want him to not just feel apart of us, but to be apart of us,” he said.