Mike Tyson feels “guilty” because Tupac Shakur was killed after watching his fight

Tupac Shakur was gunned down more than two decades ago, but former boxer Mike Tyson still feels guilty about his death.

Mike Tyson

Tyson explained that the rapper had been in Las Vegas in September 1996 to see him fight Bruce Seldon.

He said that after the entertainer was killed, he felt guilty because he had asked him to attend the event.

“It was a really bad day when that happened….it was really bad,” Tyson said in a recent interview with Zab Judah on Vlad TV.

“I felt a little guilty about him coming to the fight … me pressuring him (saying) ‘Hey you wanna bring the tape, don’t forget the tape.”

He explained that he wanted to walk to the ring to the tune of a customised track from Tupac.

Rapper Tupac Shakur

Tyson said that he was even supposed to meet up with the rapper at 662 nightclub but decided to go home instead because he had a newborn and wanted to spend time with his family.

Sadly, Tupac was killed on his way to the club. Reports are that a car pulled up beside the vehicle the rapper was travelling in while they were at a stoplight and opened fire. The entertainer was hit four times.

He was taken to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada where he was put on life support. However, he succumbed to his injuries six days later on September 13, 1996.