Minister Hall reveals she left Grammy Award at a ‘friends’ house-says she has not seen it since

Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw

In 2004, Minister Marion Hall, known then as Lady Saw, made history as the first female dancehall artiste to win a Grammy. She copped the Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group alongside American rock band, No Doubt for the hit song, Underneath It All.

In a recent episode of The Trailblazers Show, Hall described the coveted golden gramophone as her “greatest accomplishment” to date but went on to reveal that she has no physical evidence of it now.

The former dancehall queen told interviewer Tamara McKayle that she left the trophy at a friend’s house and has not seen it since.

“My greatest accomplishment was getting a Grammy with No Doubt and selling platinum. I should have got plaques from (works) with Missy Elliot and other but I did not,” she said. “(But) that Grammy. I left it somewhere. I had it at someone’s house and left and didn’t remember it.  When I called and told them that I have something there ‘can I come pick it up? Nobody would know cause nobody go up there. The person tell a friend to tell me it’s not there.”

The entertainer expressed that had she still been embracing her Lady Saw mentality today, she would be at ‘war’ with the individual that seemingly took her Grammy. Instead, she has taken a different approach, advising the person to ‘keep it’.

“The person tell a friend to tell me it’s not there.”

Minister Hall formerly, Lady Saw

“If I was Lady Saw I would be at war with them. But I’m like OK Ok, keep it. Cause one day I know it’s gonna turn up, maybe when I pass. But I left it where I left it and no devil in hell can tell me it’s not where it was,” she said.

She went on to share that even getting the trophy in hand was an issue initially. She explained that when it was announced that No Doubt had won the Grammy award back in 20014, she was present at the hand-over ceremony but did not get to go on stage to collect it.

“When they announced we won, I was getting up to go up there on stage with my manager at the time, but the damn security guy in the aisle was like, ‘Where you all going?’ And we were like, ‘We just won, and we’re going to go up there.’

She said her team later enquired about why they were barred from going on stage but were told by the Grammy organisers that they were taking instruction from No Doubt. The band however, claimed to have also placed Lady Saw’s name on the list. “It was a whole runaround,” she explained.

She however indicated that she had no hard feelings about the snob as Gwen Stefani had given her credit at the beginning of her acceptance speech.“ I remember when Gwen did get up there, the first thing she said was, ‘Thanks to Lady Saw, and Sly and Robbie.’”

“We’re cool—we been cool (herself and Gwen Stefani). I like her personally. She’s just a cool person,” Hall added.