Minister Marion Hall celebrates her church’s first anniversary

Minister Marion Hall

Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as dancehall artiste Lady Saw, celebrated the one-year anniversary of her church yesterday. 

The Miami-based minister founded the Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ at the dawn of the pandemic. The ministry streams live from her social media pages on Wednesdays (prayer and fasting) and Sundays (Church service).

To celebrate the milestone, Hall went Live to reflect on her journey.

“It’s been a year; I’m just blown away, just really blown away at what God has done,” she said. “It was right here at this same place, this same address, that God start talking to me. I was singing about preaching and asking God to teach me how to preach… and he didn’t give me the Church yet. He didn’t give me the name of the Church yet…”

The minister said she took an online course that tested her biblical knowledge using 100 questions, in which she only got one wrong. Hall said she intended to go to Bible School, but God intercepted and told her to start preaching with what she had from where she was. This led to her first sermon being live-streamed from her home, with a few family members comprising the face-to-face congregation.

First sermon

“I went back to watch my first sermon titled I Am Not Afraid… I did great, I was hooked on it,” she celebrated. “I’m not normally a fan of mine but I think I’m kinda becoming a fan of Minister Marion Hall… I am not a perfect this [or] that and I can’t preach the most perfect sermon. I did not say I can, but however God give mi, mi give it back to you.”

She went on to thank her day one church members.

“I want you to know I appreciate you. I love you so much…more than even some people I know for years. Why? You stayed with me. Even when the first day I started preaching I remember someone seh ‘Ohhh, a whole lot a noise’ and you stayed,” Hall said.

“There were people telling the people ‘Just shut up and listen to the word that she’s bringing, stop distracting us’… There was a lot of opposition; people come on the Live and they try to talk a lot of stuff to stop me… You’ll never please mankind.”

Hall ended the occasion with prayer before heading out for a jog and ice cream. As she was dressed in Athleisure wear, she cautioned, “Don’t go messing with me now saying I’m in tights. I’m going jogging. I love to run and where I was I didn’t have enough space to run so the beach is there so I’m gonna do what I do.”

She was criticised last month for showing too much cleavage when she wore a V-neck blouse out to lunch.