Minister Marion Hall mourns dad’s passing

Minister Marion Hall

Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw is mourning the death of her father. In an emotional Instagram post, Hall shared that her father passed on Saturday (September 4) and she was grateful that she got to spoke to him shortly before he died.

“My dad passed away today, right after I spoke to him via FaceTime. His nurse said he smiles at the end of our conversation,” she wrote.

She did not disclose how he died but related that she helped some members of her family to bond with him before he passed.

“I arranged with my driver in Jamaica to take my sister and his grandchildren and great grandchildren to go visit him for a few days, since three of them will be migrating to America in a few days. We all prayed, while My sister Precious read the Bible to him. My soul is at peace knowing that I was obedient to the Holy Spirit ,when he instructed me on what needed to be done days ago.”

Her post was flooded with fans and other celebrities sending their condolences.

But she expressed that her faith gives her peace and assurance.

“I had gotten him baptized in the name of Jesus for the cleansing of his sins, and prayed that God now received his spirit until we meet again.”