Minister Marion Hall tells fans thanks for support over passing of dad

Minister Marion Hall

Gospel singer Minister Marion Hall (formerly Lady Saw) says she is grateful for the outpouring of sympathy she is receiving at the recent passing of her father.

“I want to just thank everyone who took the time to offer their condolences and kind words — thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Hall from her Florida base yesterday.

The singer’s dad, Lloyd Hall affectionately referred to as Mr Keith, died peacefully at his home in St Ann on Saturday. He was 78 years-old.

Hall described her St Mary-born dad as a staunch disciplinarian who wanted the best for his seven children.

“He was not perfect… But he would sew for us, plait our hair and cook for us. And like any father, he would protect his children. He was a proud and independent man, and when his health had deteriorated he did not want to be a burden to anyone and was ready to ‘cross over’. He was gracious, though.”

“He appreciated the work of his caretaker, Angel, and thanked her. We, the family members, appreciate her too… The day before he died, his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren went to look for him. I was on video call; we sang and prayed together… He was joyful that he saw us. I was told he passed away in peace with a smile on his face. My soul is at peace knowing he was prepared for his transition and had gotten baptised,” she continued.

Hall said while funeral preparations have not started, the elder Hall would be buried in the Trinity cemetery in St Mary.