Minister Marion Hall turns down admirer

Minister Marion Hall has officially put the ‘k’ in kicking, as she kicked a man to the curb, after he decided to shoot his shot for a second time.

The gospel artiste was innocently recording a video during a dinner date with her friend on Sunday (June 27) when a man decided to shoot his shot.

How it all began

“I charge you for taking videos ladies, I charge for taking videos,” a man is heard saying in the background.

“Oh, I charge for taking videos too. Hi, how are you doing? Bless you,” Hall responds.

“How are you guys doing,” asks the man.

“I’m wonderful sir. I see you passing by and checking me out but I’m good,” Hall says before breaking out into laughter.

“He was just checking me out awhile ago,” Hall is heard telling her friend.

The man admits without hesitation he was in fact checking out the woman of God, but soon learns there is no hope in heaven for a romance between the two.

“We good though. We married to Jesus, you know,” Hall says.

The conversation could have ended there but Hall clearly wanted to teach the man a lesson.

“You met me before and I know you,” she said. “Yeah, you remember you gave me your number…?

The man’s memory now seemingly refreshed went on to question Hall, asking her if she was the special artiste from Jamaica.

“And you’re from,” asked the man

“Jamaica,” replied Hall.

The conversation gets… uncomfortable

Hall then, to the man’s embarrassment, shared that they had not only exchanged numbers but that she had previously refused his offer.

“Yes, and you used to call me and I didn’t take you up on your offer, right?” Hall said.

Hall collapsed into her friend laughing as the man gathered himself. 

“I don’t remember but I was-,” said the man.

“You better remember,” she interrupted.

“I remember you. It was years ago but I remember.. Yeah we talked about Jesus and all of that, ” said the man.

“No, you didn’t talk about Jesus because you don’t worship Jesus,” added Saw.

The video ended as it seemed things were about to become much more uncomfortable.

Hall, who shared the video on her social media platforms, used the captions to explain that the initial purpose of the video was to address claims that a photo she posted was photoshopped, adding that the man decided to “insert himself in our company, not realizing he had tried picking me up years ago, at the same restaurant. Lol. It was just funny.”

She added that she ended the video to save him from further embarrassment.

Now while some followers found the post humourous, others suggested that they should date because they reconnected.

“It never will,” Hall commented. “Lol. You don’t see what was happening. He dose (does) it all the time.”

Another user added, “It’s ok to date too…jus saying… If he came by twice…hmmm Jesus is there.”

Hall responded, “I didn’t say it wasn’t. What I was showing you is that this man been picking up women at that same place for years. I met him there years ago doing the same thing. He didn’t even realize it was me until I reminded him that he tried already and failed.”