Minister Marion Hall wants Tyler Perry to produce biopic about her life

Which actress would do a good portrayal of former dancehall heavyweight turned gospel musician Marion Hall?

That’s the million dollar question, as Hall recently revealed that she wants American screenwriter and producer, Tyler Perry, to create a film about her life.

Hall made the revelation, as she reacted to a post put out by Perry on Facebook advertising the final season of The Haves and the Have Nots, which is to kick off Tuesday, June 1.

“I can’t wait for you to do a movie about my life,” said Hall, who was spotted in the comment section below the post.

“My life and testimonies will save the lives of many women. Please check your inbox on your Instagram,” she added.

Several fans of Hall, who were nearby in the comment section, lauded the gospel musician’s proposal, with some going on to brainstorm potential titles for the film.

“What would the Title be?’ Lady Saw Redeemed’, ‘From Dancehall Queen to the Throne of Grace’ or maybe a title from one of your hit songs. Then again, once Tyler Perry does his homework he will find a suitable title.I’m happy for the life you now live peace and Love to you my Sister, said one eager fan.

“We stand ready to assist with the sound track,” added another fan.

In 2020, Hall told a local newspaper that she had halted plans to publish a tell-all book, which was expected to detail her journey from dancehall to Christianity, over fears that it would cause drama and contention.