Minister Tufton poses ‘GQ style’ for photoshoot

(Photo: D.L. Samuels)

For the past two months, he has been the no-nonsense face behind Jamaica’s fight against the coronavirus, COVID-19. But on Friday, people got to see the Minister of Health, Dr Christopher Tufton, in a different light.

Styled by Neko “Bootlegrocstar” Kelly in a perfect-fit olive green polo shirt that complemented his tan slacks and brown casual shoes, Tufton seemed as at ease, perched atop a stool, as any professional model.

Photos of the minister posing for Jamaican Beauty & Portrait photographer D.L. Samuels went viral on social media, with users commenting on calm, and carefree air that Tufton exuded.

Samuels told BUZZ that the photoshoot was done on February 23, almost three weeks before Jamaica confirmed its first case of the coronavirus.

He said the shoot was also directed by “Bootlegrocstar”, and describes it as nothing short of “perfect”.

(Photo: D.L Samuels)

“The look in question really showcased Dr Tufton’s warm personality and highlighted his jovial side, outside of his role as Minister of Health and Wellness,” he said.

“As you may see from looking at the images, they give you a very “GQ Magazine” vibe, as intended. This was thanks, in part, to intentional lighting direction, the bar stool which I often bring with me on each shoot, and Minister Tufton’s genuinely vibrant personality,” he added.