‘Miracle twins’ born two years apart celebrates first Christmas together

Cameron and Isabella Marks are twins who were born two years apart

Cameron and Isabella Marks are twins who were born two years apart! Yes BUZZ Fam, you read that right. These two adorable children are considered twins because they were conceived on the same day, at the same time through IVF, from the same batch of embryos.

Their mom Karen gave birth to Cameron on September 1, 2018, and kept the viable embryos frozen so they could add to their family later.

Isabella was born on September 15 this year.

Their mom and dad, Karen and James from Taunton, Somerset Uk, are psyched to share in the special moment.

“It’s kind of funny to think about. It will be Cameron’s third Christmas but Isabella’s first even though they are twins,” Karen said.

“Christmas for me is all about the kids – as you become an adult it gets a bit normal, but children make it more fun, so the more the merrier.”

She explained that she decided to use the IVF method to conceive after experiencing fertility issues.

“We tried for a year to conceive naturally and nothing happened, so we went to the GP and they ran some tests.”

She shared with the Mirror that she and her husband still have embryos lefr.

“We’d like to have more, so could have quadruplets one day,” she said.