Miss Kitty to release mini documentary on her birthday tomorrow

Media personality Miss Kitty will celebrate her birthday tomorrow (March 19) with the release of a mini documentary.

Media personality Miss Kitty

The 25-minute special captures her bar calling and behind-the-scenes moments which will premiere on Digicel’s PlayGo.

“A lot of times we see people’s success and we don’t often see the sacrifice that goes into attaining what they have,” she said on the latest installment of BwoyATingz After Dark. “I wanted just to share my day, to see my mom, to see my team, to see what it entailed and just to share that with you guys because there are many people right now who may feel dejected, who may feel hopeless, who may feel that they cannot go any further…but I’m here to tell you that once you have breath in your body, there is always hope for a better day.”

She added, “What I want is to show a female doing it. A lot of times we see success through the eyes of men, that patriarchal agenda. Women, we can do it too.”

The radio host earned her law degree in 2018 and was admitted to practice in the courts in December. The feat, which she described as “a culmination of my childhood dreams, self-actualization, all the hard work, the blood, sweat, tears, the sacrifice, the discipline, the commitment,” was to have been celebrated in a grander way had it not been for the pandemic.

“Yuh know seh mi did waan block dung a town? Weh me’d a plan fi do really a get Stone Love cause mi tell yuh to how mi work hard til mi pancreas lean and mi liver shrivel, mi tell yuh seh is a big dance mi did a go have. I was gonna ask Minister Desmond McKenzie, I was gonna call the mayor and ask them their permission to block out the road like how they do for carnival…and invite my fans down there but again because of COVID we had to pivot and adapt.”

She doesn’t mind as she deems it her civic duty to be responsible in these times. This extends to another birthday activity she has planned – her annual blood drive.

“YOU’RE INVITED to celebrate my birthday by donating blood for the #MissKittyBirthdayBloodDrive ISLANDWIDE,” she said in a post. “Instead of sending me gifts, show up at one of the Blood Bank Collections Center and donate blood as we do our part in SAVING LIVES.”

The drive starts tomorrow and goes until the 31st. Locations include the Cornwall Regional Hospital, University Hospital of the West Indies, National Blood Transfusion Service (Blood Bank) and the May Pen Hospital.