Miss T’s Kitchen (Part 1)

Miss T, the woman behind Ocho Rios’ favourite eatery (Photo: Facebook)

When you live on an island that has a diverse culture, food is always exciting. In Jamaica, it is no different.

A wide range of international fast-food franchises can be found competing with local franchises, and small cook-shops are more common than high-end restaurants.

But there are some spots that just stand out as they cater to all palettes and give you a true representation of island food.

Yes… I have an obsession with food; good food that is, and to have friends who like to eat, cook and enjoy a good bottle of spirits.

If you have been or heard of Ocho Rios, you know it is a small coastal town that caters heavily to the thousands of tourists that visit every year.

It’s not only where Dunn’s River Falls & Mystic Mountain attractions are located, but tucked away on a side street, two minutes’ walk from the town centre, you will find Miss T’s Kitchen in the cutest little garden.

Opened every day from noon until 11 p.m., this small restaurant feeds all comers, no matter the dietary needs.

Did I mention they have a gorgeous wine bar on-location that is almost like going to a different establishment all together?

Uniquely named, the ‘Di Wine Yaad’ is a wooden structure that totally ties in with the existing decor and offers outdoor and indoor seating.

Di Wine Yaad (Photo: Instagram)

Light background music and an atmosphere that screams ‘Tapas & Wine’.

The selection of wine available suits any budget and the wine drinkers from introductory to the connoisseur.

Aww, such a cute sign! (Photo: Facebook)

If you are lucky you might even get to share a glass of wine with the owner Miss T (Anna-Kay Tomlinson) who regularly entertains friends at the ‘Di Wine Yaad’.

Story by Attalia Harriman