Miss T’s Kitchen (Part 2): Now, we eat!

Everything on the menu is good and makes it hard to make a choice.

Miss T’s Kitchen in Ocho Rios, St. Ann (Photo contributed, Facebook)

Whether you are a meat lover, pescatarian or vegan, there is something on the menu for you.

A great thing to also note is the chef is willing to make adjustments for done-to-order items.

I’m always grateful for a dish that has a cream sauce that doesn’t break on my plate and seafood that is treated with the respect it deserves.

This restaurant has gotten the formula right. Not to mention crisply blanched or steamed vegetables that still retain colour and crunch. Who enjoys soggy veggies? Nobody!

When I’m in the mood for fish on my visits, I always order the sea trout that is fried to seal in the moisture and flavour then married with either a garlic cream sauce or some yummy oleo.

Sea Trout, Miss T style! (Photo contributed)

Rice & Peas with tossed veggies is a local favourite but don’t sleep on having it with just plain steamed garden vegetables, either way, your tummy will be happy.

There is one dish that Miss T’s Kitchen is renowned for and that is ‘Oxtail’.

There is just something they do to this bony morsel of beef that will most likely result in the sucking of bones and fingers…simply magical.

On the Apps section of the menu, there is the signature Oxtail Cocoa bread: which is, tiny rounds of in house baked buttery good bread that is stuffed with deboned oxtail meat.

Laaaaawd…pass some more Oxtail cocoa bread, please! (Photo contributed, Instagram)

If you’re a newbie to the oxtail life, then ease into it with that slice of heaven.

Now, for those of us who can remember large family gatherings were the only time the best cooks in the house would assault your senses for hours while the oxtail was being cooked, understand my next line of conversation.

Picture… ‘tender gummy meat that falls off the bone with the slightest tug. The thick brown gravy that is not oily but begs to be sopped up. Then there are the additions of the tiny dumplings and the perfectly soft butter beans that are infused with the aroma of thyme, rosemary and just a hint of heat from habanero pepper.’

Heaven. In. A. Plate (Photo contributed, Instagram)

True oxtail lovers know that when it’s cooked perfectly, just the gravy adds magic to a plain old fried chicken meal.

Yes! We Jamaicans are obsessed with curry gravy & oxtail gravy on our fried chicken.

With all that said, the next time you happen to want to dine for lunch or dinner in Ocho Rios, take a detour to Miss T’s Kitchen, it’s well worth it.

Oxtail so good, you have to do a double-take! (Photo contributed, Instagram)

They are listed on Google Maps, Instagram and you can lust at their menu online before you make your trip.

I do hope this encourages you to try something new or take a second look at the obscure places and hidden food joints in Jamaica. Until the next time, we do it…For The Love Of Food.

Story by Attalia Harriman*