Miss World, Jamaican Toni Singh, is travelling again

Miss World Toni-Ann Singh

Reigning Miss World, Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh has resumed travelling and the physical activities associated with her title.

Singh and the Miss World team were recently in Puerto Rico to beef up efforts on that island as it prepares to host the Miss World finals later this year. This is her first visit to any country in more than a year.

“The trip to Puerto Rico was extremely special for me, as it was my first since the pandemic,” Singh told the Jamaica Observer.

“I clearly remember being in Nepal when the pandemic broke and we were told that we would be taking a break for two weeks… well, it has been 14 months and it hasn’t been easy, scary even. So I got a little emotional when I was able to put on the sash and crown once again to go to Puerto Rico. This was our opportunity to get a first look as we prepare to take Miss World to them,” she continued.

Singh became Jamaica’s fourth holder of the Miss World title behind Carole Joan Crawford, Cindy Breakespeare, and Lisa Hanna.

Working virtually

She explained that despite the inability to do the physical travel associated with the title, she has been working with her fellow queens and organisations around the world fulfilling the pageant’s ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ mantra.

“I have been working quietly behind the scenes doing substantial work and assisting with the ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ projects in a number of countries. In one of the projects in Nepal, we helped raise funds to purchase oxygen tanks for health centres in that country. This is extremely critical during this pandemic as we are all aware the coronavirus affects the respiratory system and as such oxygen supply is critical,” she said.

She added; “In another country, we helped with funding to build health centres which will help the women and children in those areas.”

Are there any plans for another visit to Jamaica before her reign ends?

“Jamaicans will be very excited to hear that Julia Morley (Miss World CEO) is very excited about making another trip. We have a lot of ideas for projects and to visit some potential partners. She is very serious about that. But like everything we will have to stay within the guidelines of the pandemic, but I can’t wait,” said Singh.

The Miss World organisation has announced December 16 as the date for this year’s contest, which will be held at the Coca Cola Music Hall in San Juan, Puerto Rico.