MISSING: Proper office etiquette

We all have that one co-worker that makes you sigh because they constantly seem to do everything in the office that annoys people to no end. They are the definition of inconsiderate and when it comes to office etiquette they obviously went on vacation when it was being taught.

Respect shared spaces

Now office etiquette or manners pertains to how one conducts him/herself in the workplace or office environment. Many offices execute an open floor plan which makes this even more important, as personal space is very limited, so people need to get along as best as possible and an individual who contravenes basic office decorum and etiquette is like a wart on your posterior – very unpleasant to deal with!

Please knock.

Some etiquette infractions are small but that does not make them any less annoying. You will find an individual who always barges into an office without knocking. So not cool.

Chewing gum? Don’t need to see or hear it.

Plus there is the co-worker who chews gum loudly. This is a challenge especially in a meeting environment when you cannot leave the room and are stuck sitting beside them. Why are they chewing and popping gum in the first place?!

Headphones, please.

Then you have the ones who insist on playing their music out loud when you need to concentrate. Seriously dude, they make earphones for that!

Keep your space neat and tidy.

When it comes to work stations, many people are just difficult to deal with. Some are just slobs with food, shoes, tissue paper and personal items all thrown about, on and below their desk as if a tornado passed through. One would not like to see inside their homes. A few think they are at a hotel with maid service, as they eat and leave their plates and cups scattered about for the ‘cleaning fairy’ to take care of it. Because there is an office attendant does not give them the right to be messy!

Watch those wallpapers guys.

If this was not bad enough, some male co-workers like to put up half nude pin-up girls all glistening in baby oil at their station. When did nudity become the new normal in an office bro? Leave that at home!

Sanitise, sanitise, sanitise.

Then you throw in the mix, those who are sick and go around sneezing, coughing and touching everything without sanitising or washing their hands. It is a recipe for a health scare down the road.

Dressing still matters.

When it comes to office attire, some people are beyond inappropriate. Spaghetti straps are not acceptable or clothing so tight that your veins are showing! Flip flops or midriff skin? A definite no-no for the office.

Rules exist for a reason and managers need to apply them to keep office standards at 100%.

Did we miss any of your office pet peeves? Let us know in the comments.