Montego Bay gets a taste of ‘kosher’

Chabad Kosher Hot Spot offers a wide variety of Middle Eastern foods.
(Photos: Contributed)

Montego Bay may not be widely known for variety when it comes to food options, but if you look closely there are more than enough eateries to provide alternatives.

One such place is Chabad Kosher Hot Spot. The Jewish restaurant is located on Jimmy Cliff Boulevard in the city, and it is set on giving Montegonians a middle eastern taste that is not the usual fare in Jamaica.

One of the popular dishes at Chabad Kosher Hot Spot is falafel comb served with fries.

Its location is quite pronounced, as it sits across the road from the famous Margaritaville. And patrons who are curious enough to pass through its doors can choose from a variety of authentic Jewish meals with the most popular being the falafel. The dishes at Chabad Kosher Hot Spot are mostly vegetarian, and persons are usually enticed by the sweet aroma as the meals are prepared and served.

The restaurant also serves as an information centre, as persons can buy books and other materials. In addition, those who visit the location can also use the opportunity to interact with the welcoming members of the Jewish community who might be present there.