More than 150,000 people sign petition to keep Jeff Bezos in space

Jeff Bezos

More than 150,000 people do not want Jeff Bezos to return to earth after he takes his trip to space sometime this month.

A petition calling for Bezos not to allow re-entry back to earth was started almost three weeks ago and is less than 50,000 signatures away from its goal.

Titled “Do not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth,” it was started a user called “Ric G.” The opening statement of the petition reads, “Billionaire’s should not exist…on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter they should stay there.”

In June, Bezos announced that he and his brother will be flying to space together on July 20th in the first human flight launched by his space company, Blue Origin.

According to the world’s richest man, this is something he wanted to do since he was a child.

“On July 20th, I will take that journey with my brother,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “The greatest adventure, with my best friend.”