Mother knows best…and he’s not it!

He’s not perfect and he’s giving your mom a real headache.

You think he’s perfect and the majority of your friends approve after meeting him. You start seeing wedding bells in your future as he checks all the essential boxes.

That is, until you took him home to meet your mother. Mom’s not feeling him, is not having it and thinks you can do way better.

Call it mother’s intuition or meddling but she has her reasons for giving him the thumbs down.

We don’t want to say it but your mom did tell you he wasn’t the one.

Before you dismiss them, peruse the list and try seeing him a little through her lenses. It might prove interesting.

1. Job: Blue-collar and not much prospect for promotion or advancement.  Yes, she is not pleased.

2. Personality: He supplies nothing but ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers and has the charm of a wet noodle!

3. Family background: Half of them are scammers and the rest do not share 100 brain cells between them. It is not looking very promising for the gene pool.

4. Looks: He may have been beaten by the ugly stick, at least in her estimation

5.  Education: He can barely read and his writing looks like chicken scratchings.

6. Car: It sends more time in the shop than on the road.

7.  Connections: He has none to speak of.

8. Friends: Cons, scammers, smokers and side walk politicians.

9. Bank account: Zero only belongs on a dress size, not in his bank book.

10. Home: A ‘kotch’ on a friend’s couch does not constitute living somewhere.