Mozambique-born singer happy with response to song in Jamaica

Ras Haitrm is pleased with the response that his single, titled Go And Tell The World, is receiving in Jamaica.

The song, which is the title track from his 2018 album Go And Tell The World, was released to radio three weeks ago.

The Mozambique born singer says he’s happy that the single is receiving rotation in Jamaica.

“I’m happy that my song is playing in Jamaica. I want the Jamaican people to connect with my music. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you need to make an impact in Jamaica as long as you are a reggae artiste. Jamaica in the meccas of reggae music. It is the land of Bob Marley,” he said. 

“You need to make an impact in Jamaica as long as you are a reggae artiste.”

— Ras Haitrm

“There’s strong a link between Africa and Jamaica that can never be broken. Reggae is massive in my country, Mozambique, and other parts of Africa. Dancehall is also very popular in Africa.”

Seventh album

Ras Haitrm travelled to Jamaica in 2016 to record Go And Tell The World with the legendary Fire House Crew Band. The 12-track album was produced by Fire House Crew drummer George ‘Dusty’ Miller.

“This is my seventh album, and it’s the first one that I’ve recorded in Jamaica, and it’s my best so far. I had to push myself to the highest level while working with George and the other members of the Fire House Crew on this project. It was a great experience,” said Ras Haitrm.

Go And Tell The World was launched at the Eden Gardens Wellness Resort in November 2018. Since releasing the album, Ras Haitrm has been busy promoting the project in Africa, Europe and other parts of the world.

Ras Haitrm, whose given name is Rui Paulo Matavele, was born in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.