Multiple oral sex partners increases risk of HPV cancers, study finds

You might not want to go around offering everyone oral sex after this BUZZ fam.

A Johns Hopkins University study has found that people who have over 10 oral sex partners are more likely to develop human papillomavirus-related mouth and throat cancer.

And that risk is even higher when you start giving oral sex at a younger age.

So the team at the Baltimore hospital surveyed 163 adults with HPV-related mouth and throat cancers. They then quizzed another 345 adults who had no diseases on their sexual behaviours.

The researchers found that oral sex as an adolescent or teen raised one’s risk for the cancers by 80 per cent, and starting younger and having more partners increased the risk by 180 per cent.

Meanwhile, people who had older sexual partners when they were young and those with partners who had extra-marital sex were up to 70 per cent more likely to have the disease.

“As with all STDs, having new partners introduces some risk for infection, but most people who become infected clear the infection without developing cancer,” Dr Virginia Drake a head and neck surgeon at Johns Hopkins said.