Music is still her first love, but Denyque is hooked on entrepreneurship

Denyque opened her beauty salon in 2018.

Many know her as a singer, but Denyque Dontre Mullings is now a full-fledged entrepreneur after opening a beauty salon.

In 2018, she launched her very own salon called ‘Beauty Haus’.

“I dub it the ‘Self-Love Club’ because I’m a big advocate of individuals (especially our girls) loving themselves and stepping into their best selves with each growing moment,” she said, noting that she will be starting another business venture soon.

“When you walk through our doors, I want you to feel at peace and at home. No gossiping, no bad vibes, just beautiful (and sometimes) constructive conversation, lots of laughs and most importantly relaxation.”

“It just comes naturally to me to help people be better versions of themselves.”

— Denyque

Now on a new journey, the entertainer noted that she was inspired by persons like Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Dylan Lauren, Terry of ‘Terry’s Cosmetics’, Donna Dixon of ‘All That’s Auto’ and her husband, who takes care of the business side of things while she gets the opportunity to be creative.

Jamaican singer Denyque might return to the studio in 2020.

Released three tracks

Although she enjoys being an entrepreneur, Denyque hasn’t forgotten her first love – music. Between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, she released three tracks – Forever, Let Me Go and Don’t Walk Away. She is imploring her fans to enjoy those tracks until she gets back into the studio, possibly in 2020.

“Music will always be my number one. The downside of the music industry is that it takes from you in order to make you, and not just financially, it takes from you emotionally, mentally,” Denyque said.

“I know most creatives are like me where they have to be inspired 90 per cent of the time to hit the studio. It’s not just a business for us, it’s our soul, you know?”

Denyque is in the process of creating her first book.

First book

Mental health and self-love are very important to Denyque, and this is often seen in her posts on Instagram.  

“It just comes naturally to me to help people be better versions of themselves. It bothers me when someone chooses not to be better than they are,” explained the mother and wife.  

“I’m actually in the process of creating my first book which is aimed at helping people tap that “grow” button that’s inside all of us.”