My friends don’t like my man…now what?

You think he is great but your friends aren’t really that into him.

 If it’s obvious your friends do not like your chosen partner, then it’s possible he may not be Mr Right.

It’s your relationship, of course, and your friends cannot dictate who you should love but, let’s not be too hasty to chuck their opinions through the door. Take a step back and listen to what they have to say, there may be some solid points being made.

So let’s get this reality check! Looking past his cute smile and charming personality, is it possible they are seeing things you may be blind to? Could they be seeing him for who he, and not who you want him to be?

If he breaks promises, it may not always be an error; it could just be that he’s unreliable. If he fibs occasionally, don’t accept it as human nature, it could be that he is a habitual or pathological liar. That being said, who knows what he may have kept hidden or been less than forthcoming with?

In short, learn to see the person for exactly who they present themselves as, without making excuses for shortcomings.

In our bid to be in a relationship or to get married, many women turn into ostriches and bury their heads in the sand. They look past red flags and navigate around character flaws better than the top drivers in Nascar!

In the end, had we simply held up a candle up to our partner and hold them accountable for their words and deeds, we would have saved ourselves a lot of heartaches.

However, while our friends’ opinions do matter, ensure that what they are saying is more than just the ‘I don’t like how he looks’ factor but can be backed up with some receipts. If it’s pure intuition and gut, this is not the time or place to for that.

If he makes you laugh, treats you well, does not drain your account and lifts you up spiritually and emotionally, then let your friends know, for the time being, there will be less group gatherings and more date nights because you’re going home to your man in the evening, not your mates.