My mom, my inspiration

Editor’s note: It’s Mother’s Day, and we knew you would be writing long captions on your social to your mom. But we here at BUZZ are a little bit sentimental, so we gave some of our BUZZ Fam the chance to write love letters instead. Here’s what Nordia-Francis-Williams wrote to her mom, Sandra Palmer, in our feature, Love Letters to Mom.

Dear Mom,

For as long as I can remember you’ve been an inspiration. The doting mother, a role that you were born to play and still do so well today. You’re the replica of a Proverbs 31 woman.

The doting mother, Sandra Palmer with daughter, Nordia Francis-Williams

There’s none comparable to you! Because of you, I thrive. Because of you, I know my worth. Because of you, I’m optimistic, strong and courageous. Because of you, my heart smiles.

Thank you for every hug, words of encouragement, and unconditional love. Thank you for putting your children and others first, always. Thank you for the values you’ve instilled. Thank you for everything. Today,  I celebrate you, MOM!

“Because of you, I thrive. Because of you, I know my worth”.

— Nordia

Happy Mother’s Day!!