‘My Poomps’: Ann-Marie Vaz makes heartfelt birthday post to husband

Ann-Marie Vaz and Husband Daryl Vaz, MP.

West Portland Members of Parliament Daryl Vaz celebrated his 56th birthday on Sunday (Dec 15) and we are certain that this warm birthday post from wife Ann-Marie Vaz made his day.

“Happy birthday, my Poomps! A weh words a guh? I, the living proof of #DreamBig could not even come close to dreaming up the reality of what it feels like to be Loved by you! I love you & will stand firm and strong by your side always!” Ann-Marie posted on her Instagram page.

She said he was the centre of her universe, a kind heart and noted that she was “weak” for him.

“Best father, husband, son, brother, friend & gentleman! Continue to shine your light so that others, including me, will continue to be inspired to be selfless & patriotic,” Ann-Marie added.