My worst Valentine’s Day

Not all of us get to swim in a sea of roses, and indulge in chocolate and wine on Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, there are those among us who have had some very bad Valentine’s Day experiences which have marred our view of this the day of love.

Now BUZZ Fam, I’ve provided a few of our peeps with an outlet to share those experiences.

Hopefully, their views will change after this free therapy session.

Trey, student: I was talking to this girl online for awhile, and I chose to take this girl out on Valentine’s Day to watch a movie. I’m sitting in the car, waiting on her, she took like an hour to come, the movie had already started, and when she came, I realized I’ve been catfished.

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Tina, student: I’ve never really celebrated a Valentine’s Day. But on a Valetine’s Day, I was in class, and everybody was getting roses, and balloons, and chocolate, except me. So I just sent a little package to myself.

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Kevin, teacher: I used to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I normally go all out, the chocolate, roses, dinner, you name it. Until my girlfriend broke up with me on Valentine’s Day, I don’t celebrate it anymore.

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Alecia, pharmacist: So one Valentine’s Day, the guy I was dating decided to go all out, it was a young relationship. Dinner, roses, all of that. But I don’t know what was on the roses, because they triggered by allergies, and so for the entire dinner I couldn’t stop sneezing.

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Sheriece, customer service rep: I was dating this guy one time. I really liked him, until Valentine’s Day. He didn’t even call, send a message or anything. I don’t know if he tried calling me the day after, because I blocked him.

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