Nagasa hopes to make impact with ‘No Vaping’

United States-based reggae group Nagasa is determined to make a strong impact on the local music scene with their recently released single, titled No Vaping.

The members of Nagasa.

The hard-hitting song, which speaks about the dangers of vaping and cigarette smoking, was produced by the group and released on their Stone Hites label in August along with a music video.

The leader, Saba Dread, says he and the other members of the group decided to record the song because of the growing popularity of vaping in the US, especially among young people.

“I am a Rastaman, and I do not support this thing called vaping. It is an alternative to smoking cigarettes, but it’s just as dangerous because of the oils and chemicals that are used in vaping the vaping devices. A lot of these chemicals cause cancer and other diseases. Young people are vaping and using E-Cigarettes because it’s cool and trendy, but these things are only making them sick,” said Saba Dread.

Real reggae music

He also stated that he expects No Vaping to do well in Jamaica and other territories where reggae music is popular.

“This is roots rock reggae music, it’s the kind of song that people need worldwide, it’s authentic reggae music. Jamaica needs more of this kind of music because the people are straying too far from their roots. I am confident that this song will help to bring back their attention to real reggae music. It has the potential to be hit all over the world,” he said.

Nagasa is currently working on their fourth studio album, which is scheduled to be released next year.

The group comprises of three members Saba Dread aka Donald Bramwell, Moses I aka Livingston Edwards and Shan Bam aka Shannon Minott. All the members of the group are Jamaicans, who reside in Philadelphia.

Some of Nagasa’s other songs are Yes I Am A Rasta, Stop The Wars and Run Come Rally.