Naomi Campbell is ‘in love’ with mystery man

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is enjoying her love life.
Supermodel Naomi Campbell is enjoying her love life.

Naomi Campbell is in love.

The 49-year-old model – who briefly dated Liam Payne earlier this year – revealed that she is dating a new mystery man, and she is happier than ever.

“My heart is happy.”

— Naomi Campbell

When asked during an interview with The Guardian Weekend magazine if she is in love, she said: “Yes. It’s f**king hectic! It’s actually not someone that you know, but my heart… my heart is happy. I love a lot of people for different reasons. And the other thing that’s taken me a while to understand in my growing up is that you have to accept and love yourself first, and not be validated by someone else.”

Naomi – who has previously dated U2’s Adam Clayton, Robert De Niro, businessmen Flavio Briatore, Vladislav Doronin and Rihanna’s current boyfriend Hassan Jameel – also revealed that she is still close to all of her exes “except one”.

She added: “You come for someone that I love and care about, I’m defending them.”