Nesbeth calls out daughter for wearing his clothes

It’s no secret that reggae singer Nesbeth goes all out for his three children.

But when it comes to his closet, his clothes are off-limits.

The Success Story artiste recently uploaded a video calling out his daughter Azannia for wearing his shorts, as he taught her to drive his vehicle.

“The shorts weh yuh have on – mi love how it a video now – mi tell unno fi stop wear mi clothes,” Nesbeth confronted her on camera. 

“But I don’t care, a dat a di thing now,” she clapped back. 

“Now yuh see it, yaa tek yuh driving lessons and yuh have on mi shorts and mi put up video already inna dah shorts deh and mi tell yuh seh leave mi clothes, unno fi leave mi closet alone,” he insisted.

Azannia was however unfazed, responding with “what is yours is mine,” and gleefully singing along to Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body as her dad continued.

“Hello, keep your eye pon di road and wear your shorts come. Mi already a gi yuh mi car fi learn how fi drive so mi nuh see why my shorts haffi get involved.”

It was clear that even though he put her on blast, Azannia clearly has a soft spot in his heart and suffered no dire consequences.

The video post was Nesbeth’s way of wishing her a happy birthday, which he expressed in the caption.

“Help me wish my most beautiful daughter Azannia a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. She’s more than words can say and a whole lot more than eyes can see. It doesn’t matter how old she get, Azannia will always be my little princess.”

Three days prior, he shared an emotional post with photos from the christening of her newborn.

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