Never too old! Chris Tufton learns to swim

Jamaican Health Minister, Chris Tufton

It’s never too late to try to learn something new BUZZ Fam. Take Jamaica’s Minister of Health, Dr Christopher, for example, he just learned to swim!

The health minister shared the accomplishment with his more than 120,000 followers on Instagram and used the opportunity to inspire is followers to follow in his footsteps.

“To think that a year ago I was scared to go underwater. Lesson in all of this is that you are NEVER too old to learn new tricks!” he wrote.

Safe to say, his message was felt.

“Agree. I keep putting off learning to swim properly. Confirmation,” one follower commented.

“This is what I call steady growth!! Well done, Minister!!,” another added.

“You are truly the minister of health in every sense of the word,” someone said.