New kid on the block: Jelzin vodka enters Jamaican market

The bustling party scene in Jamaica has a new kid in the form of a flavoured vodka product called Jelzin.

It is a French vodka named after Russia’s first president, Boris Yeltsin, and was introduced to the island in the last quarter of 2019. This vodka is a bit different from similar products on the market because it requires only ice and is listed as a liqueur.

Brian Nembhard, through his company Nembo Imports Ltd that is responsible for the product’s introduction to the island, is no stranger to the wine and spirits market in Jamaica. He has stated that the product has performed well in Nigeria, and since its introduction to Jamaica has steadily increased in popularity.

“Jelzin is becoming a fast favourite in the round-robin and party scene,” Nembhard said when asked about its performance in the local market thus far.

Targeting the younger demographic, six Jelzin flavours are available in Jamaica, including strawberry, ginger and cranberry. They are readily available at convenience and liquor stores for about $1,850.