New Zealand to offer free period products in schools

New Zealand has moved to eradicate period poverty with its announcement that it will provide sanitary products in schools across the country.

Prime Ministerof New Zealand Jacinda Ardern (Photo: The Australian)

The announcement was made on Wednesday, June 3, by the Government which said some 95,000 girls between nine and 18 stayed home from school when having their periods because they cannot afford pads and tampons.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “Our plan to halve child poverty in 10 years is making a difference but there is more to do and with families hit hard by the COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s important to increase that support in the areas it can make an immediate difference.

“This is another important initiative that sits alongside our work to reduce child poverty and hardship including the $5.5bn Families Package, free lunches in schools, cheaper visits to the doctors, stopping schools asking for donations, and lifting benefits.”