News flash: Fathers do not ‘babysit’!

Watching the child you helped birth isn’t a favour to mothers, it’s your responsibility.

When fathers talk about their children and proudly state that they are babysitting while the mother is at work or off doing errands, that’s just nuts! Newsflash gentlemen, fathers do not get to babysit. Once you have a child, the thing you do is called parenting.

Aunts, uncles, neighbours and best friends can be babysitters but if they are biologically yours, that title becomes ‘parent’. Hence, the ‘job’ you so selflessly do is parenting. When you say you are ‘babysitting’ you are actually trivialising the work being done and the level of responsibility you should be shouldering. Babysitting sounds like you are either being paid to do it or you are doing someone a favour, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

The standard for men has been set so low that when one does the bare minimum it is considered exceptional.

It all comes back to the notion that when a man does something for his child, the world should sit up and gush but when a woman does it, she’s simply being a mother. But why does society laud a responsible father but ignore a responsible mother?

Men can be very hands-off in parenting, with support, whether emotional or financially, many times often absent yet they demand all the rights they can get. So when a few step up and actually do what they are supposed to, society is so impressed it rolls out a red carpet for them.

Guys, there are few things as challenging as parenting but it is also the most rewarding. The unconditional love that a child gives it parent is more valuable than the highest limit on a Visa credit card. Don’t do it for the likes or social media clout. Do what needs to be done because you are a good man taking care of his responsibility. Period.