Nike ‘Air Zoom Pulse’: The ultimate sneaker for professionals who work on their feet

The athletic clothing company with the Swoosh continues to redefine footwear, this time unveiling the Nike Air Zoom Pulse, a clog-like shoe designed for everyday working people who are constantly on their feet.

Nurses, doctors, security guards, teachers — this sneaker is for you. In fact, hospital workers had input in the design process. According to Nike, its Air Zoom Pulse is made for everyday heroes and is almost a traditional clog made athletic. “The shoe is easy to get on and off, and equally simple to clean. The fit, cushioning and traction systems work together to secure the feet in all hospital conditions.”

The Air Zoom Pulse is laceless and elasticated at the back, allowing your feet plenty of room to get comfortable. This new offering from Nike will retail for around US$135. It is wide fitting and trendy and although medical professionals footwear isn’t renowned for being hip, this might just be a game-changer. It will surely pose a challenge to Skechers.

If you are doing anywhere over a 10-hour shift, the Nike Air Zoom Pulse may be just what the doctor ordered. The soles are thick and the grip holds true, providing extra protection for the feet. This is what George Clooney’s Dr Doug Ross would have worn back in the day if the Air Zoom Pulse was around.

There are seven styles available and the official release date of the Air Zoom Pulse is December 07, 2019.