Nikki Bella doesn’t want to deliver baby at home

Nikki Bella is worried she’ll have to deliver her baby at home.

The 36-year-old retired wrestler is due to give birth to her first child at the end of August and is terrified that she’ll have to deliver naturally without any intervention from doctors if the coronavirus crisis goes on longer than predicted.

Nikki Bella flaunting her baby bump in some of her former wrestling gear. (Photo: Instagram—thenikibella)

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, she said: “I told Artem [Chigvintsev, her partner and the baby’s father], I am happy our baby is coming the beginning of August. I feel really bad for the people who are due over the next few weeks.

“I told Artem it’s just a really scary time to be in the hospital. I mean, your doctors are getting coronavirus just by working on patients, so it’s almost scarier to go in a hospital than anywhere else right now.

Nikki Bella with Hartem at FOX’s Teen Choice Awards 2019 held at the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza on August 11, 2019 in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

“I told him that really worries me about our baby. Like, are we going to have to have it at home? I don’t want a natural birth.

“So, it worries me. But we are lucky being the end of August. I pray every morning and night that [this virus] changes for us. As of right now, we’re still due to have our baby in Los Angeles. We have a reservation in the hospital.”

Nikki is currently self-isolating at home with Artem, her twin sister Brie – who is also expecting a baby in July – and her two-year-old daughter Birdie.

The Bella twins are due a week apart (Photo:

Brie explained: “The nice thing is we’re neighbours so we’ve been keeping each other company, keeping each other calm, and helping each other with our fears and anxiety of the uncertainty of this virus.

“We’re really lucky we have each other. We have definitely built a compound. We don’t let family come over; it’s just been Nicole, Artem, Birdie and I. We enjoy our coffees in the morning and then we switch having dinner at each other’s houses so it feels like we have somewhere we’re going.”

Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan is currently in Orlando, Florida, and said he will stay in a hotel for 15 days once he returns home on Thursday (March 25).