Nine nifty anti-ageing foods

By now we know that what we put into our bodies determine what we get out of our skin and other organs (you do know the skin is the largest organ right?).

We all want to look flawless, fierce and most of all youthful. So in order to walk around as if we have been dipped regularly into the fountain of youth, we have to feed our bodies certain foods that are like nectar from the Gods.

Food glorious food — indeed all foods were not created equal. Some have more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than others and some are even considered superfoods due to the many areas of the body that they aid over a long term period.

Peruse the list below and see what you need to include into your diet as even if it is a bit pricey, you cannot put a price tag on your health.

1. Pomegranate. Forget how to pronounce or spell it, just concentrate on its natural compounds that fight free radical damage. 

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2. Orange. This fruit is good because its high water content hydrates your skin not to mention has lots of vitamin C properties which you need to produce collagen which is what keeps your skin elastic and your limbs loose and flexible.

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3. Grapes. We talk about sour grapes but forget that part because its property resveratrol counters inflammation. It also draws the brakes on ageing while fighting the effects of UV lights.

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4. Lean beef. When it comes to a good source of protein look no further than that lean, mean, anti-ageing machine that is beef as it too is filled with collagen that makes you agile and nimble.

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5. Watermelon. Packed with lycopene which is a natural sunblock against ultra-violet rays, skin ageing, sunspots and weathered and tired-looking skin, watermelon is also full of water so hydration is guaranteed.

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6. Avocado. For centuries women have been using them for facial masks and for good reason. They possess those healthy fats that moisturize the skin and gives it all the nutrients it wants.

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7. Oats. This is great due to its complex carbohydrate properties because it will not send up your blood sugar like refined foods such as pasta. Oats contains a natural plant-based chemical that offsets skin irritation and skin cell damage. Way to go oats!

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8. Brussel sprouts. They look like tiny cabbages but are a good source of Vitamin A and folate.  These are a great source of the skin-friendly vitamins A and C and folate itself is beneficial for sun protection and damage.

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9. Lemon and Lime Juice. We all need vitamin C and since we do not make it ourselves, use as much lemon as you can get to keep skin looking younger and more toned.

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