Nine signs that says she loves you

We women have no problem shouting from the rooftops how we feel about our men. We will put it in a hallmark card, our WhatsApp status and social media posts so there is usually no problem with our means of expression.

Some people, however, may say the words but their actions belie their real intention or commitment. So it is always critical that both things align in order for it to be genuine and not just platitudes shared because it is expected.

i love heart GIF by Dave Gamez

There are a whole lot of ways and signs to demonstrate as the Bee Gees say, “how deep is your love.”

Below are a few telltale signs that may prove helpful in assessing if she is in it to win it or just stringing you along.

1. She is always touching on you unsolicited. And this has nothing to do with wanting sex, she just loves ‘loving on you’ so she touches your arm, clasps your fingers, squeezes your biceps or kisses your shoulder. Yup, homegirl is seriously sprung.

2. She is keen about your interests. This means she wants to not only learn what your passions are but eventually wants to participate in them.

3. She makes an effort to get to know your friends and families and an even bigger one to get along with them. She immerses herself into your life and become part of the family.

4. When she talks, she mentions “our future”. This means she has no plans to go anywhere without you.

5. She makes the extra effort for you. If you mention wanting something causally, she goes out of her way to either get it done or bring it to you. 

6. Her eye contact is different. She holds your gaze and generally there is a huge smile contained within them. Yup, she can smile with her eyes.

7. She makes an effort to dress up or look nice for you. She wants to impress and there is nothing wrong with that.

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8. Her words and messages are clear. There are no confusing or ambiguous statements because she knows exactly what she wants and that is you.

9. When in your presence or talking to you, she blushes without even realising it. Yup, you give her that butterfly feeling which is every man’s dream as this is the ultimate sign that her feelings for you are deep and genuine.