No-Maddz and Ziah bring an energetic close to MoDA Music

Reggae entertainers No-Maddz and Ziah closed the curtains for this year’s Collection MoDA series of events with vibrant performances on the final night of MoDA Music, Sunday, November 25.

The finale witnessed a dynamic performance from Ziah. Originating from Manchester, the multifaceted musician plays multiple instruments including the violin, that enabled him to hypnotize the crowd through his high-spirited performance.

Ziah fully engrossed in his performance (Photo: Instagram – @thecollectionmoda)

Opening the night, Ziah entranced the audience with his violin performance. His performance was more than enough to pierce his way into the hearts and soul of the patrons.

He performed his latest single “Black Magic Woman” in which he identifies with an old Jamaican tale identifying the unique characteristics of a black woman.

“I think that the audience was listening and…feeding off the energy. So, I give thanks for that.”

— Ziah

“It’s sort of like a story type of song where there is a lot of details. I describe things in such a way that the listener can visualize and it’s basically telling the story about a river mumma. A Jamaican folklore making a metaphorical link between the river mumma and the beauty and strength of black women,” he told BUZZ.

The audience was fully captivated by the performances on night three of MoDA Music (Photo: Mark Llewellyn)

The artiste shared that the audience based on his observation and interaction were delighted by his act.

“I think it was a really good reception. I think that the audience were listening and looking and were just feeding off the energy. So, I give thanks for that,” he said gratefully.

A grateful Ziah after his performance at MoDA Music (Photo: Mark Llewellyn)

Next up was the eclectic, reggae-pop duo No-Maddz – comprising Sheldon “Sheppie” Shepherd and Everaldo “Evie” Creary – who had the audience moving with their energetic performance.

No-Maddz in their element on stage (Photo: Mark Llewellyn)

Known for their quirky sound infused with multiple genres, the night was certainly reenergized by their vibrant personalities.

Showcasing their recently launched album, the power duo for the first time performed a live DJ set which saw a series of songs from their new catalogue that had the crowd stunned.

No-Maddz wowed the crowd with tracks from their recently released album, Heaven On Earth (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

“It was fun, we played with a couple of our musicians. We just did an album and we wanted to test it. It was beautiful and well-received,” Sheppie told BUZZ.

Sheppie on the mic as the duo kept the audience fully entertained. (Photo: Mark Llewellyn)

“Well, I can say it was a Poo Puku Poo Puku Poo event. I mean, it was joyful, and I have always loved to perform in front of new audiences. I liked the reception,” Evie added joyfully.

Evie was pleased with the crowd reaction to the songs from the duo’s recent album (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

Lincia Haughton, a patron at MoDA Music shared she was thrilled and fully entertained by the dynamic duo.

“My experience was amazing. They were vibrant and it was a lot of vibes. It was just empowering,” she said.