Norman Manley’s church now a heritage site

The Jamaica National Heritage Trust has declared National Hero, Norman Manley’s childhood church, Porus Wesley Methodist in Manchester, a heritage site.

It was done after extensive research by Heritage Trust, which found out that Manley was christened at the church on September 17, 1893, the year he was born.

He was a congregant of the church until he moved to Guanaboa Vale, St Catherine with his father, Thomas in 1903, when he was 10.

Manley, who was born in the humble Roxborough community in Manchester in 1893, rose to become Jamaica’s Premier, after doing a variety of sports for Jamaica College and also fighting in World War I.

He was a founding member of the People’s National Party in 1938 and was the president from the onset until he retired in 1969 when his son, Michael, took.