Not so fast! Persons advised to consult with doctors before starting new diet programmes

The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is advising persons to engage their medical doctors before starting new diet regimes or exercises.

Director of Communications, CAC, Latoya Halstead, said that the start of a new year typically sees persons including health and fitness changes among their new year’s resolutions.

Director of Communications, CAC, Latoya Halstead

“We advocate for persons to make lifestyle changes instead of decisions on a whim. Do your research and understand the ramifications of the changes and also do it in conjunction with your doctor,” she said.

Ms Halstead also recommended that consumers avoid relying solely on the experiences and opinions of others when making decisions regarding their health and fitness.

“Ensure that you are informed and that what you are doing is right for you and your health.”

 “Ascertain what your health status is and try to make the necessary changes to reach your goals. Don’t just go and purchase supplements that you see and hear persons talking about. Ensure that you are informed and that what you are doing is right for you and your health,” she advised.

Consumers are also encouraged to utilise the CAC’s nutritional guide and dietary advice, which is incorporated into the agency’s existing website enquiry tool.

“We encourage persons to use the nutritional guide along with the doctor’s advice,” Ms. Halstead said.

The dietary advice has a colour-code system that presents the ranking of the food items, as well as which are healthy to consume often. Light colour codes (red, amber and green) are assigned for each food item. The tool also provides consumers with nutritional information on the products, such as the percentage of cholesterol, fat, sodium, iron, potassium and calcium.

Consumers can access this information on the CAC’s website at: under the Price Enquiry tab.  

The CAC is the national agency responsible for consumer advocacy. For further information, persons can call 876-906-5425 or email